Keep Your Eye on the Ball!

When I first started playing baseball, I was told, to keep my eye on the ball. It is sound guidance for the beginner, the novice and the pro. Generally, when the fielder misses the ball, it is because he took his eye off the ball, anticipating what he will do next. My coach always told me, “First, catch the ball. Then throw it.

The same is true at batting. The batter should actually see the ball hit the bat. It greatly increases the chance of hitting it. If he is looking at that left field fence, he will likely never make contact with the ball… or he will foul it off.

Same thing in football. Don’t look at the defender as you catch the ball. Granted, it is difficult to remember when he is about to hit you just as hard as he can. The fact is, he is going to hit you weather or not if you catch the ball. So you may as well concentrate on catching it.

Even the kickers must learn to keep their eye on the ball, this in spite of knowing exactly where it is. I never played regular golf, but I am told it it important to keep your eye on the ball there too. However, I did find it to be a good idea even in miniature golf when all I did was putt the ball. It is a little bit trickier when you must time the swing with those windmill blades in the way.

What’s my point? Did you ever notice those FOCs like to distract us. When we see people flowing over the border, they start talking about something else. When we see what a disaster Biden had in Afghanistan, have you noticed, neither he nor the media has said a thing about it in weeks. They don’t want you to think about those who are still stranded and likely to remain so.

The problem is that in politics, it is difficult to keep your eye on the ball, especially with Biden. He has been juggling so many of them.

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