Biden Logic

An AR15 semi-automatic rifle in the hands of a law abiding citizen is a fearful thing.

On the other hand, M16 fully automatic rifles in the hands of terrorists are not big thing. Oh, and by the way, let’s make sure we throw in a few M-79 grenade launchers.

They say that the terrorists are in Afghanistan. They pose no threat to the US public. But just to make sure, he wants to leave the Mexican border open to let them in.

I suspect the Taliban are even having a hard time figuring that one out. None the less, I’m sure they have the desire to take advantage of it. If the do, Biden need not concern himself with whether or not to desire. Even the democrat house will impeach him and it won’t take long.

There is no since building up any hope. All those in line for the presidency are dems. I know. I looked it up… all the way to the 18th successor.

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