Voting Machines and the Internet

If a voting machine has a cell phone in it, it can be connected to the net. If a voting machine is Wi-Fi capable it can be connected via Wi-Fi to the net. If a cell phone is in the same room as the Wi-Fi voting machine, It has a potential Wi-Fi connection to the net.

My Kindle cannot be directly connected to the net. Put it next to my phone and, through the Wi-Fi on my phone, I can use the Kindle to surf the net. For that matter, I can and have used it for my computer.

An air gap is a good way to keep people from accessing a voting machine via the net. However, be sure of the air gap.

In the end, paper is the best. You take ten pieces of paper, let ten people vote on them, toss them in a hat and count them, you have a virtual perfect vote. However, as the number of papers increase; and as the number choices increase (For instance not just president but also governor, senator and dog catcher) the difficulty of keeping it all honest becomes more and more difficult.

For instance, going back to the hat, if you pulled out eleven votes, you would know someone was trying to cheat. And so it is that care must be taken to make sure that you don’t end with more ballots than people eligible to vote.

Also, in the case of the hat, we knew ten people were eligible. We permitted only ten ballots. When we are talking millions of ballots, it isn’t so simple. Hence, we insist that people resister and we insist that they are properly eligible before we allow them to register.

At one time, it was required to register about a month in advance, in the day before computers. To make sure voters were registered, lists of registered voters were sent to the proper precincts. Nowadays, with computers, the register can be updated more quickly so some states allow people to register the day they vote.

On the downside, it also makes it easier to cheat. For me, I don’t have much money so I am somewhat limited. However, I could easily register and vote in 5 states, maybe 6 likely without being caught. If I’m the only one, statistically, it would not be significant. On the other hand, I 2 or three thousand are involved, it can tilt the scales, especially in local races.

On the other hand if I had a private jet, who knows how many states I can register in. It is a simple matter of distance and time. With the plane, distance would become less of a problem.

By the way. I am a republican. No need checking on me. We republicans don’t do things like that, but dems do. They can do it because it doesn’t bother their consciences.

By the way, that is against the law. However, FOCs can get away with it all the time. While evidence of it has appeared in many cases, no one seems to be interested in prosecuting it. That means, IF I wanted to do such a thing, I would first need to change my party affiliation.

At any rate, I said all that to say this. “The first step in making sure you run a clean election is to make sure you have a clean registration. That means, you make sure voters live where they say they do. That means you make sure they are citizens of the US and preferably the state in which they preside. Also, that means, making make sure all other of all other requirements for the state are made, such as, not being in prison.

Of all the weaknesses in our voting system, registration is the worst and the FOCs have done all they can to insure to take advantage of it. I would suspect the result of motor-voter registration has done more to destroy our voting in this country than any other one thing. If a true investigation were made, I suspect that there are thousands who were illegally registered in that way. Get a driving license, and poof, you are a voter, even if you don’t want to be. Even if you are not even a citizen.

And, by the way, when that freshly registered voter is investigated, he would be found to be guilty of a felon, though no fault of his own.

Registration must be done with care. Else the rest matters very little. Personally, I believe everyone should be required to re-register every 4 years. Those who don’t should not be permitted to vote. Also, let’s go back to the 30 day minimum. There is no sense making it simple to break the law.

Moreover, it is a well-known fact that there are many on the current registrations who are dead. Also, there are many who have moved out of the county, out of the state, and possibly out of the country. It might still be legal for them to vote, but not in the county in which they are registered. That makes a difference in local elections, such as mayor and dog-catcher.

Then again, I am one of those folks that believes a vote matters. As the fella said, he who counts the votes, wins the election. Let’s not make it so true. Let us do our diligence to make it difficult to cheat. Moreover, when we see something suspicious, investigate it. Just because it did not change the outcome of the election, that doesn’t make it okay. It certainly does not make it right. Also, the broken window rule of Giuliani applies. The first two go to jail for cheating, the third one will decide not to cheat.

Finally, will someone please fit Fauci for an orange jump suit. He is proof positive that you can kill millions and get away with it. What I don’t understand is how he can live with himself. You might have to put me in a rubber room if I were to accidentally kill 2 or 3.

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