Do You Know Where your Federal Gas Taxes Go?

Neither do I. I tried to find out. From all I can figure, it was originally supposed to help build federal highways. Of course, all money is fungible and your guess is as mine. It seems to me, someone said it has gone to support Amtrak. I guess that means every time one of those folks riding the train on the east coast, I am helping to pay for it. I really don’t understand that. Why can’t they pay fare, all of it. From the 1850s the feds have helped the railroads with money and land. Then in return, they overcharged our farmers to get the product to market. Just why is it that they need my help?’

I have heard that some of it goes to airports. As I said, I may be wrong. But if we are why am I having to help pay for some rich guy flying first class on a 777. I mean, I do have bills too.

I understand some of it is going into something called light transit. Their object is to get us our of cars and into mass transit. By the way, I have also heard it is used to help maintain the subways of New York. From what I understand, most of them don’t even buy gas. I guess that means they are not helping to build the federal highways.

As far as the rapid system, if they would use it to build roads, we wouldn’t need the rapid transit system. The problem with so called rapid transit systems is that they have no privacy, are frequently not on time and, of course, don’t run past 9pm. So. If I get off work at 10, I walk.

They do have one advantage. I don’t have to drive. If I should want to do my knitting on the way to work, no problem, as long as I can trust those three guys sitting next to me that look like they are each packing. In addition, they have been eyeing me to decide on if they want to relieve me of the task of carrying my wallet.

Now they are coming up with electric cars. It has created a quandary for them there FOCs. If they don’t get any gas tax from them, how are they going to continue with the airports and trains and such. They will have to get the money from somewhere.

Some suggest that we pay by the mile. Might I suggest that we do away with the gas tax first (fat chance). I suppose those of us who drive the gas guzzlers will just have to pay the road tax twice.

I guess that does make sense. I pay for my drinking water and Flint, Michigan too. I am going to pay for my internet and that of four or five others too.

I think you get the picture. This infrastructure bill they are passing is just another way for those FOCs to get their hands on my money supposedly doing all kinds of good. You lift up that carpet and look under it, it really serves two purposes. It is a way for them to get rich and another way to control our lives. They want us to take public transportation while they take private planes. And by the way, their private planes guzzle our hydrocarbons.

By the way, why don’t they take that so called virus expert, Fauci and send him down to the Mexican border and put him in charge of testing, treating and vaccinating. If he succeeded down there, he just might do something good, but I don’t hold out much hope. It would probably be better to just put him in prison where he belongs.

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