Something to Cheer About

With all the deaths and disease as the result of people crossing the border; with all the drugs being smuggled across the border and killing our youth; with the bottoming out of salaries as the result of illegal aliens willing to work for pennies on the dime, you’d think the dems would have nothing to cheer about with the border but they do.

First, so you will understand, none of the above means a thing to them. Look a Cuomo. He killed thousands and he has never issued anything that resembles an apology. Do you really think he feels badly. Do you really think Biden cares a whit about children being left alone in the desert or being used and abused. It is all acceptable collateral damage toward the goals of the dems- total control.

So when Biden sees those people flow over the border, he cheers, though he will not do it openly, He hides his glee within himself and just a few of his cohorts. You see the way he looks at it, every person that crosses the border is a potential vote for the FOCs and he knows it. To him, the rest matters not. It is the potential votes he cheers for. The people don’t matter. If he were convinced that they would vote republican, he would close the border tomorrow and he would be there in person to help to finish the wall.

As for those who are still en route, as for the little stranded children, he would turn them all south and tell them they are on the their own now.

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