Operation Destruction

From the very instant Biden entered The White House, he started what I believe is Operation Destruction. I am sure of it. The only question in my mind is, was the plan to destroy President Trump’s successes or destroy the US. Then again, he might have planned to destroy both.

Some might argue the point but it does appear obvious. After all, he has had an enormous success at it. If it was not the plan, he could not have had more success. He instantly put thousands of people out of work, destroyed the proper operations at the border (letting in criminals, disease and drugs) and increased our dependency on oil from unfriendly nations. He is currently in the process of destroying the economy, introduced race biased programs (One of which was already declared unconstitutional) and virtually destroyed our law enforcement system. Another year or two he will finish destroying our legal system. The only people in danger of being convicted of crimes will be those who actually want to preserve it.

There was a cartoon strip called Lil Abner. In it were animals called kigmes (kick me), so called because they enjoyed being kicked. It appears that Biden is familiar with the strip. In a matter of a few months, he has painted a big sign across the posterior of our nation, which unmistakably says “Kick me.” And now, just about every country in the world is obliging.

Hence, Biden has done more damage to the US than Russia and China combined for the last decade. At the rate things are going, he will far exceed that. And, by the way, we will quickly get tired of being kicked.

The question at this point is, can we recover or is it already too late?

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