Bum Gouge

Recent events remind me of my days when I was going through basic electronics school. Mostly, gouge was what we called hints on what might be on tests, usually by an instructor. Often the instructor would say something, stomp his foot and repeat it. At that point we knew we should write down what he said.

The instructor was not the only source of gouge. Some gouge came from other students. Moreover, gouge was not limited to school. A number of times, I was alerted to possible problems in the future. One time, I was told about a surprise inspection.

Of course, as with all information, not all gouge was accurate. When it wasn’t right, it was bum gouge.

The reason all this was brought to my memory was because of Fauci and all he has been saying about the China virus. One day he says one thing, Then a day or two later he says something else. Initially, he took the side of the WHO, which was very pro China and he said we could trust the people in China who were investigating the virus. He spoke of them as colleagues who were trustworthy. That turned out to be false and it was very bad gouge. People did die because of that mistake. (I’m not even sure it was a mistake.) Then we heard from him that it was not very contagious.

All told, I have a question, why wasn’t he fired, like yesterday?

Then, I find out that he was likely behind the financing of the creation of the virus, using $600,000 of US tax payers money to do it.

Now, I have another question. Why isn’t he in a bright orange jump suit?

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