Throwing Around Words

I will admit to bad word selection. It is not that I don’t know the difference between most homonyms. It just is something goes haywire between my brain and my fingers. If I am not very careful, I will use the wrong one. Actually, I sometimes use the wrong one anyway. Sorry.

I suppose before I release a book, I should do a word search on all the homonyms to make sure that none are misused. However, it is just one of many problems I have when I write. The one homonym I have the most difficult time with is wonder and wander. I always have to look that one up to refresh my memory.

There are, however people who like to intentionally throw words around incorrectly. Take, for instance, literally, virtually and figuratively. They all have distinctly different meanings. For instance, “The man was so scared that he left literally at the speed of light.” We all know that is impossible. Yet, recently two reporters used the word in a situation which was, literally, incorrect. In these cases they likely should have used ‘virtually,’ and even that was questionable.

There are many other words and combinations of words that have meanings that are similar, such as similar, as, like, and so forth. I would urge anyone reading this to make sure you are familiar with these words as when you misuse them, it is not just a grammar mistake, but it changes the complete meaning of the sentence. On the other hand, when you see someone misuse the words, you just might want to reconsider the source.

If they are so careless in the use such simple words improperly, what do they knew about the more complex. They just might be trying to mislead you with an almost lie, especially if the carelessness is intentional.

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