A Matter of Terminology?

I have seen the phrases, “Miracles happen.” and “Miracles do happen.” a number of times, especially here lately. I would guess most people who call themselves Christian find no problem with the expressions. Indeed, many not only agree with it but also frequently use it.

However, I have been thinking on it. You look at The Empire State building, you wouldn’t say it happened. Someone had to build it. Seven-forty-seven airplanes don’t just happen. There was a lot of work that went into those planes. They had to be designed, the parts had to be built and then someone assembled them.

The implication of saying miracles happen implies that no one was behind them. It is similar to saying the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty just floated down out of the sky.

I know it’s picky. I am sure that many who have degrees in theology would either disagree with me or they would say I am nitpicking. Maybe I am. Certainly there are thousands of childbirths each day and I do consider each one of them a miracle. I am forced to ask the question, do they just happen? On the other hand, does God take part in each and every birth.

I guess that will be one of the many questions I will ask when I get the chance. Well, for that matter, I can ask Him now. He might even answer me but I suspect it is unlikely. I do sort of wish Moses had asked him while he had the chance.

Regardless, I still don’t think miracles just happen. The natural thing is for an ax head, likely made of iron to sink to the bottom of a creek. If it floats, someone is behind it. When the earth stops spinning on its axis for one full day, it was not a natural occurrence. It didn’t just happen. God intervened in the natural events at the request of Joshua. Think of all the natural phenomenon that had to be altered for that one request. Without God’s intervention, one side of the earth would have froze while the other baked.

Naturally, I can cite many other events recorded in the Bible. Many people can cite their own experiences. In no case did any of the miracles just happen. Someone, intervened. If not, it is not a miracle but a natural event. That does not mean that God cannot use a natural event to accomplish his miracles.

Regardless, I believe the statement is misleading, especially for those who do not believe or those recently saved. Oh. And by the way. Salvation is a miracle. God intervened making it a miracle. The natural result of every man and woman’s life is eternity in hell. Jesus intervened by dying on the cross and then rising on the third day. Then God intervened by giving us the plan of salvation, also known as the Gospel, also known as the good news. He provided the means for all of us. It is the greatest of all His miracles and I assure you it did not just happen. However, He does not force anyone to take part in it. Only those who believe in it and chose to accept the gift will ever go to heaven,

Those who have not chosen to take part in the miracle will, by choice, spend eternity in hell.

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