The Secret to the Cease Fire

I have a simple but very effective plan for a cease fire between Israel and the people in Gaza.

The people in Gaza cease fire. Then in a short time, there will be peace.

The people in Gaza started it; they can stop it any time they want. However, they prefer to continue the war while using civilians, especially children for shields. Somehow, they have gotten it in their heads that if they fire enough rockets at Israel, the nation will go away.

Maybe someone should remind those who are firing the rockets at Israel that Israel, should they decide, could raze the entire Gaza strip to ruble. If it were the desire of Israel, they could destroy 60 to 80 percent of those who live in the Gaza Strip in just a matter of a couple of hours.

My advice to the Palestinians is to be thankful that Israel has not lost their temper and they (those in Gaza) better back off before they (Israel) do lose their temper. If one of those rockets fired on Israel lands in the wrong place, Israel just might be out for revenge and they might not stop until they have it.

Finally, if Israel did retaliate, I would not hold it against them for a minute. They have been tolerant far longer than I would expect of any people.

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