The Apology

When an apology is immediate, it is likely heartfelt. The person likely means it.

On the other hand, when it takes weeks, or even months, maybe not so much. In Cuomo’s case, the apologies were likely months late, and then only after being confronted. It would appear that the apology was dragged out of him while he kicked and screamed all the way. It reminds me of my childhood when I was told, you will apologize or…. It would seem that he has considered the consequences and then, after speaking with his lawyers, decided it was the lessor of the consequences. Then, of course, he had to consult with others to make sure it was worded right.

Moreover, the apology was proceeded with the words “If I….” Somehow, I wonder if Cuomo ever has admitted to himself that he really did something wrong. Actually, I don’t think he has actually admitted it to others.

Most important, had he not been confronted, I doubt that he would have apologized at all. It does make me wonder just how many other women he treated this way. I mean, one is a problem. Two is a disgrace. Three is a pattern. And, by the way, we know he did it. He admitted it. It is called a confession. The confession, too was extracted by long great efforts.

He lied about the first woman. He told stories about the second woman. But for the photo, he would have lied about the third woman. That too, establishes a pattern. I’ll bet you 50 cents that he lied about the nursing homes too. I would guess he lied about those 1500 people too. Moreover, I doubt he will ever drag an apology out of him for that. The man flat has no conscience. I think psychiatrist have a name that.

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