A Careless Remark

Sen. Mitch McConnell made what seemed to be a thoughtful remark, but I think he should have thought it through more completely. Basically, he said that Former President Trump did some bad things but that they should be settled in conventional court(s), not by impeachment.

First, it is a horrible thing to attribute such things to anyone without proper proof. At this point, I do not believe that he can substantiate his remark. I am sure that any proof he might have would stand up in any legitimate court.

All evidence presented in the trial was either hearsay or secondhand hearsay. The one witness statement they slipped in at the last minute was was hearsay at best and not one bit of any of it would have been allowed in a real court of law.

Moreover, in the event that there was a suit or prosecution, the defense would be permitted discovery and cross-examination under oath. I really don’t think the dems would like that. In fact, I suspect it is the reason they backed out of having witnesses in the trial. Would the hearsay witness have repeated the story under oath, knowing that rebuttal witnesses might be called to expose her lie. For that matter, would she have even held up under the discovery phase?

There might even be a chance or two for the defense to produce proof of fraud during the election. That just might prove embarrassing for some of the dems. (I say ‘some’ because there are dems who are beyond being embarrassed.)

I really think that McConnell owes Pres. Trump an apology. However, I don’t expect it and I really don’t think the former president expects it. I don’t think McConnell ever liked it when Mr. Trump became President Trump and I think he disliked him. McConnell never did hide his feelings on the matter to well, especially from the beginning.

The fact is that President Trump has been one of our best presidents and he has accomplished more than any one of them. In effect, he made the rinos look bad and it might have bruised some egos. Exposing the truth has a habit of doing that. It is just possible that McConnell has a few bruises. More than that, it might have caused problems with his lobbyists.

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