I have written on reading before. However, it is important enough that it that should be revisited often.

First, schools do not always teach people how to read. Moreover, whenever possible, parents should teach their children starting at 4 or maybe 3. It will give your child a great head-start in school. Moreover, if your child can read when he enters school, it will improve his grades in other subjects as well.

Reading books will greatly increase his vocabulary and understanding of the world around him. This is true for reading for entertainment as well as learning.

Moreover, encourage your child to read every day. A little reading each day will improve the speed at which he reads. More important, it helps to develop that part of the brain used for reading. It is, so to speak, the way with all exercise. That which is exercised is developed. Therefore, the skills exercised and practiced early in life are better developed.

I read rather slow. At one time I got up to 300 words per minute. I am likely somewhat slower now, though it is subject dependent. When the subject is electronics of computers, I tend to go nearly twice as fast. I suspect it has to do with my interest.

Secondly, have your child read the Bible. As mentioned, I am a slow reader. Yet, I decided I would read two chapters a day. Some chapters were a lot longer; some shorter. Yet, by maintaining my discipline, I finished it all. Then I started all over again. I have read the Bible from cover to cover eight times at least. Some parts, of course more.

One important thing, as a result, when someone incorrectly quotes the Bible to me, I know it right away. No one needs to tell me. Oddly, there are many people going around incorrectly quoting the Bible. Many of them call themselves reverend. Many would like me to believe they are preachers of God’s Word. Knowing the Bible as I do, I generally realize their errors immediately. Even if I don’t, I generally have a strong suspicion. It only takes me a short time to confirm the suspicions or discount them.

Of all the things the Bible speaks of, the one most important thing is salvation, that is, how to make sure you will go to heaven. For those unaware, it has nothing to with all the good works you do. Indeed, there will be many “good men” who will spend eternity in hell. If you don’t believe me, read the Bible. Please don’t take my word for it. (By the way, the Bible is clear about it. If you are going to heaven you will know. If you don’t know, you really need to read the bible.)

It is one of the hardest things I have to deal with. I meet people who are very fine people. They are kind and do may wonderful things. Yet, on the cross, Jesus promised the thief that he would be with Him in paradise. Please tell me what good that thief did. What fortune did he give to the poor. He had nothing to give. He simply asked Jesus to remember him. It was a simple thing but so important. The thief realized his hopeless situation. He confessed his horrible person he was. Finally, he realized Jesus’ power to save and placed his faith in Him, both his power and his promise. (He believed. Therefore, Jesus saved him.)

It is the same way for all of us. There is only little variation. It is only when we realize the hopelessness of our situation; we confess and turn from the bad we have done; then we totally trust Jesus. When we try to trust in what we do or say, it says that we lack faith in Jesus’ power and or willingness to save us. If Jesus can’t or won’t save us, I assure, we cannot save ourselves.

You disagree with me? Read the Bible. Please read it for yourself. Don’t take my word for it. It is the primary reason I suggest you teach your child to read. If he reads the Bible, he will be less likely to be mislead by false teachers. In fact, most false religions will discourage you from reading the Bible. Martin Luther read the Bible and discovered that the Catholic Church had been misleading people for centuries. By the way, they also discouraged people from reading the Bible. They said, “We will read it and interpret it for you. You don’t have the understanding.”

My suggestion is simple. Read the Bible often and ask God to provide understanding. He can do it. He has written it so all can read it, not just the elite. I assure you, Satan does not want you to read the Bible. One of his biggest weapons in deceiving man is to keep everyone ignorant.

Another reason to read is to keep men from deceiving you about: history, government, economics, and basic law. To be sure, we do have to rely on lawyers, but there are some basic things we need to know for ourselves. It may keep us out of jail and it might keep others from defrauding us.

Certainly one of the primary reasons to become a good reader is to help us in our line of work. Certainly lawyers and doctors need to read. The worlds of medicine and law are changing daily. That case the lawyer takes on today just might drastically change in one or two days.

If a doctor were to stop reading, within ten years, he will likely be twenty years behind the state-of-the-art practice. There was a time a man could become a shade tree mechanic and support a family of 6 or 7 until he retired. However, cars now have computers. It has completely changed the world for mechanics.

Moreover, every year or two, they change the design of cars. A mechanic who can’t read is at big disadvantage.

Then too, there is reading for enjoyment. I read “Assignment in Brittany.” I liked it so much I read it two more times. Then I saw the movie that was based on the book. What a let down that was. Movies can be entertaining, but to really enjoy the plot, you need a good book. I suppose it is possible that they could have made the movie of “Assignment in Brittany” nearly as good as the book, but it would have had to be about 12 hours long. How many people do you know willing to sit through a 12 hour movie? Those making the movie simply didn’t have the time to let the story develop as in the book.

One more small thing. There are many more books to chose from than movies.

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