For What Reason?

In general, I think the vast populous knows that there was cheating. The vast percentage of republicans know simply because they kept their eyes open. Being as the dems were doing the cheating, they are well aware of it. Indeed, they are far more aware of it but they simply try to hide it and not to well. Failing at that they try to deny it, this while they still figuratively have their paws in the cookie jar.

I have been thinking on the subject and a question occurred to me. For what reason do they cheat? Clearly, they realize, with their ideas and nominees, they that it is the only way they can win. Clearly, they think winning is really, really important; enough so that they go to great risk. If it gets out of hand, it would cause a scandal from which they would never recover.

There may be other reasons I haven’t considered, but I have come up with two. Possibly they think they are doing it for our good. On the other hand, maybe they are doing it for their good, to enhance their power and riches.

Knowing the nature of the dems, I suspect it is the selfish rather than the altruistic reason. I just can’t imagine them having any concern for the folks, especially when I see them doing things that have led to the death of so many people. It’s sort of like expecting a snake to act like a nice friendly dog. Nice is simply not in their nature, though they do try to act like it is.

In that respect, it means snakes are better than democrats. Snakes have no pretense of being good. You see, they know that the more money that goes through the government, the more they can skim off for themselves.

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