Yep! Biden Stepped in it.

You can tell he stepped in something because the instant the debate was over, you could tell he was trying really hard to get something off his shoe(s). However, it is too late. The people have seen him for what he is, at least a little anyway and I don’t think they liked the smell.

Now he’s in a real fix. First, he can no longer say he doesn’t lie. He was caught red-handed. The frackers (of which there are many in the Quaker State) won’t like him because they know he will take food off the dining room table he likes to talk about. Worse, as he tries to shore up the loss of votes from the frackers, he will say almost anything in an attempt to convince them he didn’t mean it.

That really causes problems. The more he says he will allow fracking, the more he will lose from his green-deal base. I don’t know about you but that looks like a predicament to me. The only saving grace he has is that 50 million people already voted. They can’t change their minds. (Sounds like a reason those dummycrats are so much in favor of early voting)

By the way, I noticed one more thing during the debate. I think if it went on for twenty or thirty more minutes, Biden would decide it was nap time and go to sleep right there in front of everyone.

This does create a real problem for Kamala Harris. If they can’t drag him across the finish line, she very likely will not be able to inherit the presidency… bummer.

One more thing. A dam is just about to break and the world is going to find out that Biden, his son and all those millions he got from all those countries. As long as the dam holds past the inauguration, she just might get the brass ring, assuming that Biden is not so badly damaged that he doesn’t get elected.

That seems to be an obstacle getting more difficult to manage every day. They still need to clean Biden’s shoes off without losing too much of his base.

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