Ping Pong Balls

Just curious. Maybe someone could tell me. What if they filled the lower parts of the the Titanic with ping pong balls? Would it have floated any longer? If so, how much longer? Would it have saved any lives? Can someone out there tell me?

I suppose before we do start putting any such thing in boats, large and small, we should determine their cost per cubic foot, which does bring up another question.

I suppose it’s a poitless question if they would need to be replaced every now and again. Still, I think if I had a boat, I’d investigate the whole idea.

Wonder what would happen should I walk into a sporting goods store and bought out their stock. Then again, they might not let me. Some folks do use them for table tennis.

However, they do have one characteristic that makes me think about them. Punch a hole in one, thousands more remain buoyant.

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