The Return of Christ

I’ve heard about all of it. What was the last one, 2012? What was the day? It seems every year or two, someone who believes he knows something the rest of us are ignorant of, tells that he alone knows when the eath will end.

It’s the epitome of stupidity. Jesus has told us that no one knows. However there are 3 things I do know about the second coming. It’s not because I am special. It’s not because I have a special revelation. It is there in the Bible for anyone to read.

1st, as I said, only God knows when. He knows the year, month and date. He knows hour, minute and second.

2nd, people will mock the 2nd coming. They say that it has been over 2000 years and he’ll never return. I know that for 2 reasons. I’ve seen it and the Bible says they will. Moreover, the conditions prophesied are coming to pass. Things are falling into place, just as He said.

3rd, we have over 2000 less days to wait than when Jesus 1st foretold it. That is to say, those long term plans just might be interrupted. Actually, the same can be said about the short term plans. As Jesus said, we don’t know when. The warning that we have is all the warning we’ll get.

If you have not accepted Jesus as your savior, right now just might be a good time. It might be the last chance you get. It would be a horrible thing to wake and realize you waited 1 day too long.

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