Got Away With That One

I can’t count the number of times I used the phrase over the years. I strongly suspect I’m not the only one. Sometimes, it’s intentionally. Sometimes I sliped by after an accidental mistake.

However, none of us really “get away” with anything. Every time we do something wrong, it is recorded, no matter how or great or small. Every day that we live adds to the stack. And here’s the truth. Each thing we do wrong will be paid for in full. That is the way it is. Because God is just, that is the way it must be.

Some would say that there is good news, the gospel. I call it great news. If you accept Jesus Christ as your savior, He will pay the price for every bad thing you did, for every bad thing you thought of doing and for not doing the things you should have done.

That means admitting to what you’ve done. That means turning from your ways and to follow Jesus’ way. That also means believing Jesus can and will pay all your penalties.

Now, that’s more than good news. That’s great news! And it would be very, very tragic if you turn your back on Him and choose the alternative, an eternity of paying for all the wrong you’ve done. Sorry. Really. Never-ever does it end. I truly wish I could say it would end, but that would be contrary to the word of God and God does not lie.

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