Getting the A/C Ready for Summer

You might want to reconsider having that central unit serviced for 1 to 3 thousand dollars. It seems every year it’s time to break out the old checkbook. On the other hand, you might not have enough cash to cool your primisis. You might have to pull out the credit card.

I have two window units that keep my 900 sq ft home cool withplenty to spare. 1 is 1000 btu and the other is 12000 btu. The little one I’ve had for over a decade. The big one is 3 years old. I’d guess I won’t put out one dime to have them serviced. If one or the other, or both fail me, it won’t cost me more than 800.

They are a little noisy. They don’t distribute the cool as much. But I can put up with a lot for 1 to 3 thousand a year. Then, of course, you likely have a larger income. You just might not mind the yearly cost.

The way I see it, they do it on purpose. They build the central units difficult and expensive to service. Most likely, they will continue to until enough people like me go to window units. Then, just maybe they will figure out how to avoid the big yearly charges.

To me, it’s time we tell those AC folks that we are tired of repaying for our ACs every few years.

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