Revisiting Tide Alergy….

I can’t help noticing the recent Tide commercials pushing the detergent for sensitive skin. It is highly unlikely that the new detergent is the result of my post a good while back.

As a small reminder and explanation, the post was about irritations all over. After a few doctors and a multitude of tests, none came up with the reason for the problem.

Then, one day, out of desperation, we switched from Tide and the problem went away. If the new deternent is the result of my remarks, my hat is off to them for listening. On the other hand, where is the public warning?

Doesn’t really matter. Just glad if my post might have done some real good. I do wonder how many others went through the suffering my wife did.

Still, I wonder if a CEO read my little post or is it simply vanity.

An afterthought: Maybe an allergist read my post and told the manufacturer of tide. I know. It’s a reach. Any way to convince myself I did some good.

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