Everyone Knows

In light of events during the last couple of decades, I have become well aware of something. It would seem prayer is far more acceptable after a disaster.

Prayer is never acceptable in school until some of the students are killed by someone, conceivably under control of a demon. Then, suddenly, it is encouraged by… everyone. This, of course, includes all reporters, law enforcement agencies and who knows how many that call themselves atheist.

A storm comes through. Trees are toppled. Streets turn into rivers and houses are either flattened by the wind or washed away by the flooding. Suddenly, those in the media become great proponents of prayer. Naturally, the last time they prayed was when they were invited over to their aunt’s for turkey and yams.

An explosion occurs at a big industrial plant and someone somewhere says, “Let’s please pray for the victims and their families.”

It would seem everyone knows that prayer is far more effective after the fact. Who would ever think of saying any kind of prayer before the disasters.

I don’t suppose it occurred to everyone that, sometimes, prayer just might have prevented some of these disasters. Just maybe, some of tho

se killed in these disasters are dead because prayer in schools before disasters is not permitted.

On the other hand, after people, sometimes children, die, it is fervently encouraged.

The deaths might be prevented. However, they just simply they can never be replaced.

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