Problem I Didn’t See with EVs

Last winter, hundreds of cars were stranded along, I think, Interstate 81 due to snow. This was especially hard on those with electric vehicles. They sat there with the rest of the cars with their heaters on… until their batteries ran down. Then, they had no heat. Worse, unlike they gas powered cars, they could not get their heat again until they could be recharged.

Natually, they were stranded until either they could get recharged, or until they could get towed. According to the news story I heard, most of those with EVs in the traffic jam simply walked to the nearest place they could get a ride.

When I heard the story, it made me think again about buying an EV. I think I have the solution though. I buy one of the pickups and carry a generator around in the truck bed. Should the batteries need charging, I simply start the generator and plug the car into it. At the least, I will still have heat or air-conditioning should I get stranded.

Then again, I could simply carry a propane heater around with me. That would work too. However, there might be a safety problem with that. Besides, I’d still not have air-conditioning. If you are in a mosquito infested area, that would be a real problem.

Perhaps the simplest solution is to avoid the electric vehicle altogether until someone comes along with something that really works.

Still, I like the generator idea. You never know when one would come in handy along the way.

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