The Power of a Mirror

When I was in the Marines, they had full length mirrors in each barracks. We were strongly encouraged to examine our reflection carefully before leaving the barracks. You see, mirrors have a special power. If there is a flaw in our appearance, we were able to see it and correct it before going out in public.

Looking back on it, I can see there is some wisdom in the idea. Actually, when you come right down to it, a look into a mirror before we go anywhere just might save us a little embarrassment.

God tells us that his law is like a mirror. When we look at ourselves in the law as a mirror we see our faults. Many see ourselves as not so bad. Yet, a moment in the full length view of the law reveals the truth. The very best of us appear horrible in the mirror of the law.

However, God has made provisions for all of us. Accept Jesus as your savior and God will look at you through His Son. He will not see so much as the smallest infraction of His law. It will be as if we are perfect.

The first step in salvation is looking at the reflection of ourselves in the mirror of God’s law so that we get an idea of how God sees us. If we face Him without doing so, embarrassment is the least of our concerns.

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