A Big Laugh

As mentioned in an earlier post, I’m not much of a comedian. My biggest laughs generally aren’t planned.

Such was the case this afternoon when I ordered a Whopper meal. The woman behind the counter suggested a Big Mac instead.

Believe it or not, I wondered just why the correction; this while I looked right at the menu.

I really enjoy when I can provide a real laugh for someone, especially for the woman who likely was looking forward to a long hard day. I just wish I could bring such effective laughter to to folks by design. Then again, I guess the error is what causes the humor.

At any rate, I was comforted by being told that I was not the first to misspeak. In other words I was not the first to seek a Whopper at a McDonald’s. I would suspect there have been a few who sought Big Macs at Burger King.

As for me, I guess what I really need is a new brain.

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