Just a Suggestion

Just heard a wonderful song by the Booth Brothers, “He saw it all.” I would urge my followers and the friends of my followers to look it up and listen to it; or at least read the lyrics.

It sort of reminds me of the sermon that started with the story of the young boy telling his mother about the man Who fed 5,000 with 3 fish and 5 loaves of bread. Of course you know the mother responded by saying, “Now, you know I’ve told you 10,000 times not to exaggerate. Now, you go to your room right now.”

It does remind us that God is still in the business of doing miracles and men are still unlikely to believe.

It is as when Peter was in prison and they prayed for his release. Then no one believed when Peter knocked at their door. Don’t think you are beter than they. You would have been just as surprised as I would.

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