This Time, I Actually Agree With Joe

It is a real rarity. It occurs less frequently than a blue moon but I actually agree with someone he said. A recession is possibly avoidable.

The trick is that he must act quickly. 1st he must do all he can to produce as much domestic oil as we can. This will remove about 20 percent of the cause of inflation.

2nd, stop printing money. By the, it is important to remember that increasing credit has the same results of printing money. It increases the spending of the public

3rd, shut down the border and send the illegal back. It cost lots to support them at every level.

4th, strp the senseless regulations. The only ones that truly benefit from them are larger corporations and the lawyers that work for them.

5th, stop pushing that green stuff.

Finally, stop taxing all those who actually make things so much. In the end taxes impede and even drive business and productivity away. Both decrease employment.

In other words, stop messing things up.

Considering the above, we may as well pray and start bracing for the worst.

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