Whilst the FOCS spend hours investigating the false disaster of Jan 6, they ignore the fact that Joe and his cohorts have destroyed over 15 trillion dollars in stock market wealth.

I ask. Really! Just what, just which is more important?

Well,I guess that is a stupid question. To the FOCS, the distinction of Trump exceeds the importance of everything and all. Besides, wny should they care about a bunch of 401Ks. I mean it’s just the savings of thousands of little people. (And the dems claim they represent the little guys)

As an aside, it is one more reason to cut expenses by dropping cable. Out of the hundreds of possible channels, out of all the so-called news channels, at least 8 or 9 are covering that so-called Jan 6th hearing. By the way, one of those channels is FOX NEWS. I may cancel cable even should I become a millionaire.

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