The Plan

Some folks say Joe has no plan but that’s just not so. He’s relying on his former boss’s idea of hope and change but the other way around.

Ol Joe just keeps changing things for the worse and he hopes no one will drive him out office…as the soon-to-be-former San Francisco DA. For those unfamiliar, the DA was removed primarily by dems. There are few Republicans there abouts.

It will likely be the same for poor OLD Joe. One day, a committee of senior members of his own party will approach him and tell him he has just done too much damage to the party, as well as the country.

They will tell him it is time for him to announce an illness. On the other hand, he could say he wants to spend more time with family and friends. That is the usual excuse given.

Then again, he just might tell the truth and say he’s become old and senile. The only thing about that that would surprise any of us is that he’d admit it.

It’d be no change to raise our hopes, considering who is waiting in the wings.

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