Oil; Good & Bad

If we were to believe the going green crowd, all oil is bad. However, this isn’t the way they act. When the price of oil started going through the ionosphere, we find that oil coming from any or all other countries must be better than the oil from within the US.

This is simply not true. The oil and natural gas within our country is cleaner and better. Besides, our drilling and pumping procedures produce less pollution.

This makes American petroleum products far better. Oddly the going green crowd prefers to have us pay twice the price for half the quality.

This tells me the only green they want is the green of cash. They don’t reduce carbon emissions. On the contrary, they cause far more.

I assure one and all, Rusky oil is not as good as American oil but it is over twice as expensive. Worse, when we buy Putin’s crude, we pay for his war.

When we buy Iran crude, we help them build nuclear weapons that they just might use on us.

I hate to think this is the purpose of the going green bunch, but I can’t imagine any other logical reasons.

One thought on “Oil; Good & Bad

  1. It’s basically virtue signalling by some, profiteering by others, and God knows what else drives the rest of the mob who want to wreak havoc on a nation’s energy security while they follow their agenda to who knows where, for they surely have no idea of the consequences of what they are doing.

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