2 Questions for the Going Green Folks

First, do you use drive throughs instead of going indoors for eating, banking, etc.

Second, do you let your engine idle or turn it off whilst waiting to move forward in line?

No cheating now. It matters not if it is over 90 or under 30. Letting a car idle to stay cool just isn’t cool.

As for me, I don’t like drive throughs. Whenever possible, I park and go in.

As my aside, I visited a McDonald’s a few days ago and they said I had to use the kiosk. I said, “Bye.”

As I drove off, I suggested to my wife that we could have gone through the drive through, parked the car and then then ate inside. Instead, we went to the Subway right across the street and ate healthy. As I said, I don’t like drive throughs. It also rubs me the wrong way when I’m told to use kiosks that never work for me. It might be different if I could actually get the thing to work.

Besides, I don’t like letting my car idle without a good reason. It wastes gas and generates pollution for no reason.

So, those of you going green, do you use drive throughs?

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