A Little Help for Those Raking Leaves

Maybe you already know this. If so, I wish you told me. I’ve put liners in trash cans and then tugged and tugged to get the filled liner back out. Currently, my main problem is pine needles but I’m sure it’s the same.

One day I had a very much overfilled liner and simply could not remove the liner from the trash barrel. Finally, just before giving up, I slid a rake handle down the inside of the barrel between the liner and the barrel. After turning the barrel on its side, I wiggled the liner a little and then it slid right out.

Nowadays, I have a round stick taped to the side of the barrel. Sure wished I thought of it sooner. Sure wish they had barrels with the stick, or something similar built in. It comes in handy for grass clippings too. As an aside, I can stuff more clippings or leaves in each bag.

I still have a real problem though. As an old man, I can only fill 3, sometimes 4 bags of pine needles a week. The pine trees produce close to twice that.

As an aside, I found another solution for USB plugs. Whenever I go to plug them in, I almost always get it upside down every time. When I do get it right, I make the mistake of thinking it is wrong, even worse. The problem is that the one side almost looks the same as the other. I know it is a little thing but it can become complicated by low light and cramped conditions. Now I take a little Whiteout and put it on the top of the plugs. Now I always get it right.

The trick now is finding the right plug for the right device. I figure there are at least 4 of them that are nearly the same size. I say this because I have all 4. Whose idea was that anyway? When they came out with them, the idea was standardization. Then they come out with all these different sizes.

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