2 Things About a Bully

There are many things that people say about bullies in general. They are mean, inconsiderate, generally big, and they generally have big egos.

However, there are two things that are true about all bullies. They always bully people they perceive as being weaker than themselves. Moreover, they persist until someone successfully stands up to them.

There is no doubt that Putin qualifies as one. Though week, his ego is fed by his office. Through his office, he also meets many other descriptions of bullies.

However, though some don’t think of him as meeting the description of a bully, Joe does always back away from the strong and causes the weak grief. Moreover, his ego grows bigger by the day. If he were removed from office, his ego would take a dive. Currently, he is surrounded by those building his ego. If he were to lose his job, he would be crushed.

May I remind one and all, right now, the bully who is not backing down is Putin. I guess that means Joe is the weaker bully.

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