Green Energy

For those that have followed me for a while, you know I’m not a green energy fanatic.  However, if it is green energy people want, maybe we should do it right.  We have large fields of windmills and gigantic fields of solar batteries.  It seems a waste of resources to me.  Certainly there is no rule that we should not combine the two.

I mean, really.  There is a lot of room between windmills.  Why not plant a few solar batteries in the wasted space.

Actually, when you come right down to it, why not put solar batteries on Walmart roofs.  Or, for that matter, why not put them in parking lots.  They could provide shade in the summer and they could help protect shoppers from the rain.

Also, I do have a problem with the design of windmills.  From what I understand, they are highly efficient but I am the type of person who believes in turbines.  The wind could be caught and directed down and through the turbines.

This design would be more bird friendly.  They would definitely look better.  Moreover, intake vanes could be used to regulate the air going to the turbines.  This would be nice for extra windy days.

Then again.  What do I know.  I have no degree.  It just is, I really hate seeing all that land go to waste when it doesn’t have to.  Besides, I don’t like running from my car to Walmart.  No matter how fast I run, I still get wet.  Then, of course, it stops raining the instant I’m inside.

And… besides.  No one like windmills in their backyard.

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