My Opinion; They Got it Right

As near as I can tell, they got the Rittenhouse decision right. To me, it looked pretty obvious. More than that, I don’t think it should have even gone to trial, though there is one advantage to it being presented to a jury as well as to anyone who would watch it on the TV. He proved his innocence high and wide throughout the country.

On the other hand, we all learned an important lesson. If we are going to exorcise our right to self-defense, try not to use a gun, especially a big one. If you do use a gun, make sure to never shoot anyone more than once.

There are many alternatives to guns. For instance, you can use a butcher knife or even a rock. By staying away from using a gun, you avoid being convicted before the man dies. However, I would not suggest you follow that prosecutor’s advice and use your fist. If you do, they will have you coming and going. If you are not skilled, you will likely end up dead. If you are skilled, you will be accused of using your fists like deadly weapons.

As I watched the verdicts come down, I thought about the fortune that was paid for his defense. Now he and his mother are about destitute. It makes me wonder about ever putting up a defense under these conditions.

On the other hand, he just might have a few cases he can level on the media. He could actually end up being a billionaire like the one that sued that one news outfit. My guess is he is already a billionaire. Not bad for standing and looking an Indian face to face for a few minutes.

Then, I had another thought. That lawyer that only sues people with money might want to represent Rittenhouse. He could make a small fortune for he and his client. However, I thought better of it. The man is a hopeless liberal. He would never represent Rittenhouse for any amount of money. After all, the boy did use a gun for his defense and no self-respecting lib would ever represent a man who used a gun to shoot someone, even though his life was at risk.

Actually, that was sort of the way the prosecutor looked at it. He seemed to think Rittenhouse should have used his fist instead. He certainly talked of it enough.

Incidentally, how many want to suggest that Biden will offer an apology. Certainly not going to happen in this century.

One more thing. So you suppose they will ever have those trials for those imprisoned for Jan. 6?

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