It’s a Simple Question

I’m not sure. Maybe someone has asked it and I never heard, neither the question nor the reply. I certainly would like to hear both the question and the answer. Actually, I am far more interested in the reply.

It is so odd, people get so bogged down with all the complex things. In this case, the one side says it is wrong to teach CRT while the other side says that they are not teaching CRT. This they do while they threaten to bring down the full investigatorial power of the most powerful investigation authority in the world. Such a threat comes close to shaking the foundations of that big rock on the tip of Spain; you know the ones the British owns.

To me it seems odd. It seems to me the question would have been asked and answered long ago. Well, maybe not answered. Those dummycrats do prefer to reply to the question not asked instead of the one that is asked. It is generally a little less embarrassing.

Oh. I guess you want to know the question. Maybe you would also like to know the answer. I know I would love to see the question asked of Psaki. I know she would not reply to it as she is very good at sidestepping the issues. I am sure that is why she gets paid the big bucks. I am sure that was the reason they chose her to meet the media each day. If she were playing dodge ball, no one would ever get close to hitting her. She stands up there with that big book of notes and whenever someone asks one of those questions she doesn’t like, she decides she will circle around to it.

I would suspect that if someone asks this simple little question she would really decide to do some serious circling.

The thing is, if CRT is not being taught in our schools, why are those in charge get so upset every time someone mentions it? If they don’t teach it, all they need to say is, you are right. It is despicable. We don’t teach it and we agree not to teach it regardless of what it is called.

I suspect they don’t want to make any such agreement. However, what I am still wondering is, why won’t someone ask the question in a place where one and all can hear both the question and answer. It is such a simple question, isn’t it? It is important to receive a truly honest reply.

They will likely reply with a lie or half truth (sort of the same). In such a case, if solid proof of the lie is revealed, it will show them for the liars they are.

Then again, to most of us conservatives, it will be nothing new.

One thought on “It’s a Simple Question

  1. I have followed this topic somewhat and it is a bit of a tell about CRT when the team championing it react aggressively when it is attacked and claim it is nothing more than a “thought”.
    Attack is the best form of defence and observations over the past few years illustrates that the progressives use this tactic effectively but clumsily given that in these times everything posted online is there forever and it becomes hard to walk away from your words and actions.
    Gaslighting by progressives tells us not to believe what we hear, see, and experience.

    Dystopian much?

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