Panic in Virginia

It looks like the Friends Of the Criminals are pulling out all the stops in Virginia. Could it be that they fear a loss for their beloved candidate for governor, the one that believes that parents have no part in the education system. The latest polls indicate it is about a dead heat, which, naturally means that they are behind. You know how those pollsters like to fudge a little for the FOCs.

Someone suggested bringing in O.O.O.O. Biden to bolster the FOC position. Another, with more wisdom, spoke up, “No we don’t want to do that. We’ll lose by five points for sure.”

To be sure, even if the FOCs squeak by, it will still be a loss for them in a way. If they don’t win big in a big blue state right next to DC, they might have trouble winning anywhere come the 2022 elections. They certainly don’t want anyone to think such a thing… not when they are having so much fun spending all our money.

note: for those who do not understand the abbreviation O.O.O.O., it stands for Occupier Of the Oval Office. I still don’t believe he won the election. If Hillary can say she won, then I can say Biden lost. I have more proof than she does.

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