Those that have read some of my other posts realize I was in the Marines. Before my honorable discharge, I attained the rank of staff sergeant, also known as E6. I was in the corps for about nine years. I assure you that if someone approached me and told me they wanted to interview me concerning a book or magazine, I would have told them no. Then I would have told my officer in charge.

You see, I knew better than to do something like that. If I had, it would have brought disgrace to me, to my uniform and to the Marines. Such things are permitted, but only under special conditions and only with the approval of the Marine Corps.

Now, I wonder just why it was that a 4 star general wasn’t able to figure that out. Surely, during his enlistment somewhere, someone told him it was wrong. Then again, maybe 4 star generals can get away with it. I know of one that did.

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