Biden Is a Very Poor Commander in Chief!!

Some time in the last few hours, Biden announced that he was sending thousands of troops into Afghanistan. Why did he do that? Why did he telegraph his intentions. What he should have done was to keep his mouth shut and send them in.

I was just a S/Sgt in the Marines and I wasn’t even in the infantry gut one thing I knew was that armies go to great extremes to gain intelligence and to keep the enemy from knowing what you are going to do. Look at the methods that they went to to make Hitler think we were not landing in Brittany. The allies went to enormous steps to think we were going to land north of Brittany. Now tell me, what idiot would broadcast over national rational radio our actual intent.

The deception saved saved thousands of allied lives and greatly shortened the time for the landing.

So, what did Biden do. He called out, “Guess what fellas. You need to get ready because we are sending over a bunch of troops.” Who in their right mind does stuff like that. That stunt likely cost the lives of maybe a dozen or so lives, maybe more.

On the other hand, if the marines just showed up on their doorstep, it just might have thrown them into a little panic and they just might have withdrawn a little, at least until they figured it out.

It is not the first time he did such a thing. He said, “We are going to withdraw on 9/11. Isn’t that neat. It allows the enemy to plan his activities pretty much to the day.

Actually, it was also a mistake from the beginning. This one I blame on President Bush. Instead of going in there as he did, he should have said, “Guess what. We are here to stay for the next 100 years. We are going to establish our government and we are going to establish our courts. The official language will be English and there will no longer be an Afghanistan. This would send a message to the troublemakers that it just might be time for them to pack up and go somewhere else.

Then, in twenty years, maybe thirty, we could turn their nation back over to them and they just might be able to take care of themselves. The way it was, the Taliban knew it was simply a matter of playing the waiting game. They knew we were there for a while and leave. So instead of us encouraging them to giver up or leave, they encouraged us to give up and leave.

Regardless, you never tell the enemy what you are going to do; you never tell the enemy how successful or how unsuccessful he has been. Mostly, you never let your enemy know your strength. If you do, you are aiding him at your own defeat.

Certainly, knowing this and this alone, you must agree with me that Biden makes a bad general. Not only that, it would appear he has a few bad generals serving under him. They should have alerted him to his error.

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