It Is Now About Time

It has become obvious that China turned a deadly virus loose on the world and on the US specifically. Even if they did not mean to release the virus, they did turn it loose on us with the intention of doing harm. That falls under the category of biological warfare.

At the least three things need to be done. First, we need to present a bill charging the closest possible estimate of what they cost us. [It is impossible to put a value on the lives.] My guess is that the UN would be the best place to present it. We should also suggest that any other nation that thinks they have been wronged should also present a bill and attach it to ours.

Second, no plane should be permitted to go non-stop from anywhere inside China to anywhere in the US or its territories. Moreover, all passengers departing China should not be permitted to enter the US until two weeks after leaving China. This would be more than punitive but also preventative. The China virus was not the first virus to originate in China and it is not likely to be the last. Optionally, this could also be required for ships. Either way, their crews should be allowed to leave their ships while harbored here.

Third, and probably most important, all financial dealings with China should be terminated inside one year. We need to send a message, not only to China, but to all other nations that we will not do business with any nation that wages war on us, even if the weapons are too small to see, even with a microscope.

It is unlikely that China will pay the bill. However, for as long as they refuse, we need to maintain this decree. Governments that turn things like this loose on the world do not deserve to be treated with equality. Moreover, they killed millions for which we would not be extracting a charge, for which they should be thankful.

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