Good Times, Bad Times

I heard a little quip the other day, surprisingly while watching a softball game. The woman was quoting a coach. Unfortunately, I did not have the presence of mind to write it down so I could properly quote the man. However, it is good enough that I would hope he would like one and all to know it.

“There is no bad time to do a good thing.”

As I thought it over, I realized it can be properly turned around, “There is no good time to do a bad thing.”

I considered it in relation to the present occupant of The White House. I suspect someone has taught him the saying. The problem is that he has gotten it turned totally around as “No bad time to do a bad thing.” It seems to me that he practices it daily. I wish someone would take him aside and straighten him out.

By the way, while they are at it, maybe they could straighten out some of his friends too.

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