Another Year Gone By

…and so it is that the world, spinning on its axis, made one more tour around the sun. And another year went by since the beginning of another Chinese epidemic. This time, it was a pandemic. All the time, the Chinese, the dems, the social media and news media all collaborated to suppress the truth about the origin of the Chinese virus.

So, what have they accomplished? Some say that the truth will be found out anyway. Biden has ordered his investigation and I am sure they will do a thorough job, assuming the Chinese will let them in. More likely, the investigators will never land on the Chinese shores, let alone darken the halls of the research lab. Then, after another 90 days delay, they will say, we tried but they wouldn’t let us in.

So we all shrug and hold our hands in the air and write off over six million lives.

There is a possibility, slim as it might be. If there is any evidence remaining, and I doubt it, we could force the Chinese to let us in and it would be simple. If a hundred or more countries got together and demanded our entry under threat of shutting down all trade with China, they would let us in. They would have no choice.

First, it would never happen. Too many people want the secret to remain hidden, in spite of their killing millions. You see, the Chinese have no qualms in the loss of life and the dems don’t much care either. Moreover, there is no way that they want anything uncovered.

Second, a year went by. The Chinese have had more than enough time to figuratively bury the evidence. Most of those who know are dead and everyone knows, the dead don’t talk. Therefore, even should we have another year to investigate, even if this little planet makes one more trip around the sun, we will likely know no more than we do now…maybe less.

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