We all make mistakes, some of us more than others. When I type, I can’t get through a full line without my backspace key. I have heard people say that they hate having to buy erasers. Why is it that others should make their fortunes off my mistakes. Yet, erasers are made by the millions. As for me, my problem was that I wore out the erasers long before I ran out of pencil. When I was in school, I had to buy those little erasers that fit over the end of the pencil. Nowadays, with computers, I hardly ever pick up a pencil. I hadn’t thought of it till just now.

I am now 73 and I have made a lot of mistakes. The problem with that is that I am very good at remembering those moments when I hurt others, those moments I said a thoughtless thing or two. No matter what I do, even when I said I’m sorry, I still feel badly when something happens that reminds me of this or that or the other thing.

I like to say, at least I feel bad when I do something wrong. There are many who could care less that they just ruined someone’s life. Over the past few years, I have come to the conclusion that it is the difference between republicans and democrats, or at least one of the differences. And, I guess it is not a hard fast rule but it does seem to hold firmly.

Look at the woman that arranged the death of a diplomat and a couple of operators in Libya. Or, how about that president that withdrew our military from Iraq and permitted the murder of millions. Their deaths were by his hands and he did not so much as say he was sorry. I would suspect that not one dem lost one minute of sleep.

Then, of course, there is that president who stopped the pipelines resulting in the loss of thousands of jobs. Did he apologize to any one of them, privately or publicly. I think not. Did he lose any sleep over that? I’ll have no way of knowing but it certainly didn’t seem to bother him. In fact, he seemed proud of himself.

Dose it bother any of the dems to see the disaster at the southern border. Has so much as one dem said a thing about the kids walking up to the border patrol agents with tears in their eyes.

As near as I can tell, the dems have feigned feeling really, really bad about the way the African Americans live, but did any democrat president help any of them? Do they feel bad about that? To be sure, it is the pattern of the liberals. They promise the world until after they are elected. Then, they put abortion clinics into the Black neighborhoods and hope that they, the Blacks just go away, that is, until the next election.

Do the dems feel bad about any of this. Of course not. They weren’t mistakes. It was all done by plan and they are proud of what they’ve done, even when they are confronted with it. Do they lose any sleep over it? Not at all, not one bit. Apparently, it is not in their DNA. It was in their past. It only stands to reason it will be in their future. Just why is it that anyone should be surprised? The dems love the misery… of others.

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