The $100 Million-dollar Bribe

It’s been a while now that they decided to move the all star game to Denver. It is something I thought about quite a bit. Actually, to come right down to it, the dems didn’t have a reason to move the game, or so I thought. Really, the voting laws were not changed that much. They still have the vote by mail. The ID’s were already required.

Besides, to their point of view, it doesn’t matter. They plan on federal laws that will override any law Georgia would have anyway.

Then it dawned on me what it is really about. You see, Georgia, a republican state, lost 100 million dollars of commerce. Colorado, a dem state, gained 100 million dollars of commerce. Hence, it is simply a bribe. It has nothing to do with the laws that were passed. It was simply an excuse. It was a way for the dems to reward the democrat state while punishing the republican state. Hence, it was a bribe to the Colorado for voting democrat.

You don’t believe me? Do you think they would have moved the game to Texas or Florida? They might have moved it to Los Angeles, but why. For a state like California, the bribe would not have meant that much with their economy. Now Colorado, they could really use that kind of money.

So there it is. They took 100 million from a republican state and moved it to a democrat state. It should not surprise anyone. It is their MO. It happens all the time, but usually in congress.

Nonetheless, it is ill gotten gain. In the end they will pay for it ten times over. It is the way the Lord deals with people like that.

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