My New Answer!

The other day, I was asked what I thought about our new president.

Now there’s a question that begs an answer of an hour or two, maybe three. Though I had the time, I’m sure the person that asked it didn’t. Moreover, he likely wouldn’t have liked my report anyway. I could see by his expression that he was one of those people who was actually proud of voting for the man.

Quickly, I sought a short answer, one that just might let him know what I thing.

After a second or two, I used the selfish reply, “I just hope my 401k survives the man for four years.”

I could see from his expression that I got my point across. More than that, I think it hit home. Perhaps it was one aspect of his vote that he didn’t consider.

Then again, my 401k may only have to survive 3 or 4 months. The left will likely find a reason for him to resign to resign so a real communist can take over.

Just maybe, all y’ll liberals out there with money in a 401k just might want to keep a close eye on the stock market whilst you hero is in office. I’m not talking about the one in office now, but the one anxiously standing in the wing… the one that, when running for pres couldn’t survive the first round in the primary.

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