Disney, are You Listening? I have a Solution for You

It would appear that wonderful governor you democrats voted into office has just about closed your theme park permanently, because of the virus. I just might have a solution for your problem. I got the idea from one of my books. Just simply move the whole park, the hotels and restaurants onto an artificial island about ten miles off the coast of Orange county.

I don’t know what methods might be best. In my book, I used big barges. I am sure you could use bigger ones. It is also possible that you could buy a bunch of dirt and or sand and pile it up our there. Ether way, you could add an attraction. Under water viewing while the customer’s eat in “Mr Nemo’s Fine Seafood.” I really do like that idea. You could have a big mock-up of the infamous Nautilus, obviously, the Verne one.

Docks and heliports could be added to bring people to and from the island. If you used the barge method, you could use stabilizers for when it got a little stormy. Then too, everyone knows that the ocean off the south coast of California is ideal most of the time. In general, it is mostly tolerable the rest of the time. You would only need to shut down things a few days a year.

One big benefit is that the park would no longer be in California. You would not be subject to California property or income taxes. You could almost operate the park with what you would save on the levees. Moreover, you’d not need to pay any extra taxes on hotel or restaurant operations.

Well, there is one sticky wicket. There is no way that your wonderful governor will permit operations from the mainland… not while that virus continues to exist. Still, the idea is pretty good for a nice hotel. Maybe you could use the idea for a hotel anyway. Then again, there are regulations and red tape. It might take you a decade or two to get permission to start such a thing. You know how those democrats like to run governments. You might need a century to open the thing. It just might be a good idea to build a hundred miles off the coast. Then, what would be the point? A hotel a hundred miles from land?

By the way, for you Californians, I have a hint. Replacing the governor is not even a good start in getting things straightened out. It would be far better to reset the whole thing and start from scratch and disallow anyone with a D after his name from running for office.

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