A Surprise for Those on Twitter

Those of you on Twitter just might want to reconsider. I understand, there are some who rely on Twitter for their business. The thing is, you see, Twitter controls you and those you communicate with. They determine what you say and with whom you communicate. If you step outside their bounds, there are penalties to pay.

Right now, that may not be a problem. However, consider, they might start taking offense to something you say. There is nothing stopping them from reducing your subject matter. On the other hand, one day you might decide to write about something they don’t like.

In effect, it might be like a boa-constrictor snake. They may continue to tighten their coils until they completely own you. You write as they say or you don’t write at all. Better to be free of their coils before it is too late. Better you send them a message now. If people reduce use of Twitter, then they are the ones under control. Maybe the best idea is to simply put them completely out of business. It will send a message to one and all that we are a nation of people who refuse to be controlled. Maybe, just possibly, conceivably, that would be a good thing. It would be better than a few elite controlling the many.

By the way, I do not have a Twitter account. I am not on that page thing. It does slow me down a little, maybe a lot. but I do alright. More important they don’t own me.

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