My Perspective on Recent Demonstrations

In 3 three words, they are wrong. All of us should stay within the confines of the law, no matter on which side of the isle we reside.

Nonetheless, I do understand it. For 8 or 9 months, those on the left did far more than demonstrate and not one democrat condemns it. Though many of us plead with the authorities to do something to discourage it, instead, they encourage it. When little children die, they remain silent, as if they are gagged.

For three years, the democrats, the media and the FBI yell “Russia, Russia, Russia!” without one bit of proof of any wrong doing. Then, you know what? Not one person, no not one lousy democrat ever offers an apology for the wrong they did… on purpose.

Maybe there isn’t yet proof of voting fraud, but there is proof that the law was broken. We all know this resulted in the theft of an election. A twelve year old can read the tea leaves.

And now, just one time, those who back President trump get a little outside the law, the left cries out to the president, “You caused it. You better get your people in line.”

Bear in mind. It was not the president that drove them to lawlessness, but the media, the democrats and the FBI. Yet, even in their anger, there is no looting. There is no killing. No statues are pulled down. There are no fires and there is no damage to private property.

The senators and representatives were moved for safety. Yet, I suspect they were never in any real danger.

On the other hand, had it been a leftest riot, there would have been firebombs, dangerous fireworks, clubs and the like. If one representative resisted, it would have resulted in his hospitalization or even his possible death.

Again, I do not defend the mob methods, from either side. However, when people keep being pushed, it is only a matter of time before they reach their breaking point. It should be expected. Indeed, it is the reason for the American Revolution. It is an example of the results of when reasonable men are forced beyond their breaking point.

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