The Inexact Art of Advertising

I am told that these advertisers on the Web have a way of knowing just what a person might be interested in. As such, they only send ads that might interest me. If that is the way it is supposed to work, it has failed on me. Not only do I have little interest in any of it, my purchasing power is pretty weak. I don’t buy things unless I need to. Occasionally, I do buy things that I want, but that rarely coincides with anything advertised, on the Net or TV.

They keep advertising these games. Other than chess and solitaire, I don’t play games on my computer. I prefer to use it in more productive endeavors. If Microsoft keeps trying to take control of my computer, I just might break out my Atari and put it it work. Oddly it seemed to be able to do most of what I needed and then some. Moreover, I didn’t need to worry about the Chinese or Ruskies trying to look over my shoulder to see what I’m doing… Not that it would do them any good anyway.

I record the programs on TV that I want to see and I have become expert at at fast forwarding. I can watch an hour show in roughly 40 minutes. I know. The advertisers pay a lot of money to put those shows on and I should watch the ads. I don’t see the point it though. They are advertising things I don’t need or want. What good would it do them if I do watch their ads. I have two computers and, truth be told, I don’t need either of them. I can’t buy any new cars. The old 2008 model I have will likely be the last I’ll ever buy, unless it breaks. There is certainly no way I would ever be able to buy a ‘his and hers’ pickup. It would be ridiculous anyway. I only drive but about 60 miles a week anyway.

In my last post, I already mentioned the Medicare garbage they uselessly throw my way. I already have all mine settled. Between Medicare and our aux. insurance, I’ve hardly paid a dime on medical. Considering I’m 73, that’s not too bad.

The ones that really get me are those ads for AARP. They came out in strong support of Obama care and I will never forgive them for that. When I talked to my insurance agent, I told him I wanted nothing to do with any policy that had to do with AARP. He laughed and said it was kind of going around. I suspect that AARP may rue the day they made that choice. Then again, given their politics, they just may not care. (Also, my best guess is that Obama offered a little persuasion.)

Now, let’s see. There is that company that advertises those shipments of meat. Sorry guys. You’ll not get any orders from me. Kroger or Walmart is good enough for me– and I don’t have to wait for it.

As you can imagine, I can go on and on.

Funny… After playing a game of solitaire the other day, I noticed a web ad that said something to the effect that Ford, F150s are less expensive than I think. Okay. It doesn’t hurt to look. Fine. I clicked on it. It took me to a page that had virtually nothing on it except a button with the word ‘go’ on it. That took me to a page advertising Chevrolet pickups. Now I wonder how that happened. Anyway, I have no interest at all in pricing Chevrolets so I immediately left the site and went in and watched advertisements on the TV.

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