Nowadays, when I want a good quick pizza, I head for Subway. I know. It’s a place that makes sandwiches but they make personal size pizzas too. More than than that, it only takes them a few minutes.

Last night, I ordered one for my wife and one for me. I left the place with pizzas and drinks in hand in about 10 minutes. Some of that was spent at the register and filling the drinks.

They do call them personal size, but I could barely finish mine and my wife ate about half of hers. In our youth, we would have had to order 3 pizzas. Nowadays we have drastically cut back on our eating. (Oddly, we still gain weight.)

At any rate, they were both pepperoni. Mine had bell peppers, onions and olives on it. If either of us had wanted more, they had a wide selection of things they could have piled on them. It is kind of a secondary advantage. They make it to taste, though I guess the pizzerias likely do have a little more of a selection.

After they were prepared, the woman working there popped them in the oven. About two minutes later, they came out piping hot.

By the way, the price was decent too, a little over $10.00.

So the next time you want a personal size pizza, you might want to consider going to a place that makes sandwiches.

Side note: I neither work for nor was I paid in any way for this. I just think when I find a good thing, I should let others know about it.

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