What Really Bothers Me About Jack Dorsey

I did watch the hearings on social media, though I could have predicted the outcome. I knew the three men testifying were very much biased. I don’t need a PhD to figure that out. It does bother me a little, but I expected it.

It was not much of a surprise to me that they would lie. It is sort of what democrats do. They can’t seem to help themselves. It did somewhat surprise me when Dorsey said he didn’t effect elections. I sort of figured it was one of his primary goals. As far as I can tell, it is still his main purpose in life.

However there was one thing that bothered me far more than anything else.

I had this uncontrollable urge to get a pair of scissors and cut his beard off about a quarter inch below his chin. I know it was impossible. Not only was there a great distance between us, I don’t think he would have allowed me to do it. Still, every time I saw his face appear on my H.D. TV screen, I wanted to find the scissors and reach into that image and rid him of that hidius growth.

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